Photo Mode and Bug Fixes

The last build of Roger Meatball was super broken. Hopefully this one is stable. Also, I added photo mode!!! Attached are some pics using the feature.

Photo Mode Instructions

  • Pause the game (Options/Start button)
  • Lower the kneeboard (DS4 touchpad/Other gamepads press L3)
  • Left stick to move camera, L2/R2 to adjust height (relative to camera)
  • Right stick to rotate camera (Az/El by default)
  • R3 to swap horizontal look from yaw to roll
  • D-pad up/down to zoom in/out
  • Circle (B on Xbox) to set view along horizon
  • Unpause game to leave Photo Mode
  • Use your fav screengrab button to save the shot (I just PrntScrn or use Win Game Bar)

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Version 7 Aug 29, 2019

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