Roger Game Loop: Supply Drop and Crop Spraying

Roger Meatball has some pretty huge changes. I have prototyped a game loop, so now instead of just landing your plane you need to take off again and complete missions. The first two missions are supply drops and crop spraying. I haven't had much time to work on this game, but I want any ambitious players to try out these activities. If you do try the new build, thank you, and please excuse the lack of instruction, polish, and potential bugs. Below is the bare minimum of tutorial I could post to make this playable. 

-Game Loop-
You start low on fuel and with no payloads, on final approach to the carrier.
1. Land on carrier
2. Refuel and load payloads
3. Drop supplies at the three locations marked on your map (in the kneeboard)
* Successful supply drops will emit green sparks
* Each supply zone requires two successful payload drops (one for each  blinking beacon on the ground)
4. The eastern farm has 3 fields that need to be sprayed with the crop sprayer.
* Completed fields (90% coverage) will throw up green sparks

-Misc Notes-
Outside of green sparks, the game will not acknowledge your completion of these tasks
If you crash or damage your prop/gear you must start over
Completing all supply drops and dusting all crops will require at least 4 landings and take-offs; Good luck!
This build will likely break; I am sorry about this.
I have NOT yet implemented HOTAS controls. You must still use a gamepad; I suggest the DS4 or XBOX controllers

-Loading Zones-
Parking, Shutting down engine in loading zone will refuel and/or equip payloads.
Carrier Deck Loading Zone: Fuel, Parachuting Supplies
Eastern Farm Loading Zone: Crop Sprayer
To Park: 1. Drop throttle to zero 2. Apply brakes (X/A button) 
* Once slow enough, parking brakes will apply
* Parking brakes are indicated with red light on brake gauge (lower left)
* Raising throttle will disengage parking brakes

-Instrument View-
* D-pad down to enter instrument view
* D-pad left/right to switch active cockpit control 
* Square/X to toggle active control

-Payload System-
* Enter instrument view
* Select the payload panel (rotary dial with left/right/both/none)
* Toggle rotary dial to payload side you want to use (Square/X)
* Exit instrument view, use Square/X to operate payloads (drop supplies, sprayer on/off)

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Version 14 Oct 29, 2019

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