Bit Bash Patch and Better Stall Behavior

Patch Notes

On August 17/18 I showed Roger Meatball at Bit Bash, a Chicago alternative games festival, at the Museum of Science and Industry.  Bit Bash is a huge show and I was scheduled to have two instances of Roger Meatball running simultaneously, so I had to polish the game up a bit to run itself indefinitely without my presence to explain it or hide its bugs in real-time. Here is a list of improvements you will find in the most recent build:

  • Stall conditions vastly improved
  • Idle/Title screen that automatically loads after 75 seconds of no buttons pressed
  • DS4 touchpad for kneeboard
  • Improved landing gear tolerances
  • Auto re-center view on tailhook grab
  • Throttle cut on tailhook grab
  • Brakes lock if engine is stopped, wheel rates below threshold
  • Hold 'X' (DS4) for brakes
  • Scoring numbers changed to English units

Cockpit Controls

Also, I have added cockpit controls in preparation for a larger prototype of a longform Roger Meatball. The current controls are landing gear, a radio guidance system, and a payload system. The landing gear can be toggled up and down, and will have a significant effect on aerodynamics. In the current build there is a radio beacon on the aircraft carrier, but I have not added any other beacons so the rest of the channels will find no signal. Similarly, there are no payloads to attach in the current build.

To interact with cockpit controls:

  • Enter Instrument View with Down D-pad
  • Cycle between cockpit controls with Down D-pad
  • Toggle a cockpit control with Square (DS4)

Coming Soon

I have implemented payloads and radio navigation. I am hoping the two of these will let me build a deep enough experience to pitch publishers and secure funding for a full-size Roger Meatball production. If you're reading this you are currently the core audience for Roger Meatball. 

Please chime in with thoughts on what you would like to see in a larger version of Roger Meatball :)

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Version 6 Aug 26, 2019

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