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does it work with 32x bits?

How to beginning?

Can this be controlled with mouse/keyboard? I started the game and mashed all of my keys and nothing happened. Can you post a list of controls please?


I'm sorry but it only supports gamepad controls. If you have a playstation or Xbox controller those work best. Good luck!

What's up with the sandwich in the plane )_)


It speeds the sim time to 4X while you are eating. I got the idea from the Fairey Swordfish, a WWII biplane that had a hatch in the navogator seat for storing sandwiches and tea.

I feel pretty good about this! It took me a while, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.


My first "successful" landing!


Nice! loll so fast!!! You should be able to throttle back to go easier on the landing gear

I landed around the same speed and everything is still intact heh

lol nice! This makes me think I should add a "vertical speed" line to the debrief


I don't have a joystick. Please make a keyboard version.

Do you have a gamepad? The game is designed to play with a DS4 or Xbox controller. I will eventually add keyboard controls, but it will likely still be a while


Like I said, I have neither of those.

Love how it uses my second monitor for the PLATCam :D

But it does not run in windowed mode even when I tell it to.


lol that was the simplest way for me to implement play cam: always on. I need to look into windowed mode, but I think it started happening when I added plat cam

Rather enjoyable but proved painstaking to set up my joystick with.

You got it to work with a joystick!? I have only set it up for gamepad, so I am shocked you got that to work. Thanks for going through the hassle!

Trying to set it up with my controllers and finding it impossible as it thinks that one of the buttons is constantly pressed. Would be nice if you could add a reset mappings switch. hop in the Roger meatball channel there and I can try to debug with you :)