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ending one done now ending 2

Love this concept!


Thanks :) How did you find the game?

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Hey there Jon.  It's been awhile since I looked at the post (5 days is a long time considering we go through so many games per day), so I've forgotten.  I think it was random searches.

Pretty fun.

That was excellent! Just played through and finished it without really noticing I got the key from a ghost. But highly entertaining and I loved the drake remix playing over the top, and the credits sequence. :D

The newest update includes a fix for suicidal Luigis (the credits trigger)

The newest update includes:

  • Fix for Luigi singing getting way out of sync
  • Audio volume tunings of various components
  • Final fan art really added this time

The newest update includes the following:

  • Full credits sequence - begins at door unlock
  • More visible key (RE: player feedback)
  • Mouse is contained within game window
  • Final fan art submissions added to game

The newest builds include the following changes:

  • Restricts the screen to 5:4 (which still doesn't totally hide Luigi's arms, but comes close enough
  • Includes Mac version
  • Ghosts spawn in random locations (like behind you)
  • Application quits when you unlock the door