A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

!!Requires a Controller!! (DS4, XBONE, X360, etc)

Press Options button for controls

Tap Triangle(Y on X360) to fix look on Carrier FLOLS

This is a development build - please expect it to break. 

Have fun! Send me your thoughts: joncoughlingames@gmail.com & twitter.com/clicktozoom

* Light stick movements
* Final approach is N/NW heading
* Keep airspeed right at low green boundary
* Move your head for awareness (R.Stick, Triangle, Circle, D-pad)

Landing Procedure
1. Drop power (landing speed near low green boundary)
2. Hold altitude at 200m (second tick beyond zero)
3. Trim when yellow circle appears on gauge  (X-DS4, A-XBOX)
4. Begin turn when even with trailing ship
5. Exit turn at 200m alt, lined up with runway
6. Line up meatball with green lights using throttle
7. Maintain Roger Meatball and Yellow Circle AOA

A successful landing looks like this: 

Updated 2 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorJon Coughlin
TagsController, Flight


planes-win.zip 33 MB
Version 21 2 days ago
planes-mac.zip 39 MB
Version 13 2 days ago


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Amazing as always Jon!

lol that's very kind. I'm hoping for at least weekly updates with improvements like better gauges, art, and damage model. I am hoping to keep the scope focused enough that tiny improvements make a big difference to the experience.