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Originally developed for and submitted to Wizard Jam, "Eyes of the G-Man" is a work in progress. I'll consider the game fully released when I've captured the experience of "playable G-Man monologue".


Move your character: WASD or Arrows

Swing crowbar: Left Mouse Click

Look around: Move Mouse


Game Design/Development: Jon Coughlin

Composer: David Cowling

Sound Effects: Michael Hermes

Planned Development

The current game runs in a web browser and includes the sequence of events that I expect the game to carry forward (intro, monologue, playable sequence, outro, credits). I want to overhaul all of the assets, specifically the following:

  • G-Man monologue/script - I want to rewrite and record a new script for everything the G-Man says
  • Animated 2D G-Man face including whole face graphic and moving mouth/eyes
  • Updated art for Gordon and the head crabs (right now they look like a random guy and spiders)
  • Balancing - the playable portion of the game is very short and unbalanced
  • Camera polish - new graphics will help, but I want to polish up the camera motion and cuts throughout the monologue